Layens Hive

The Best Hive For BackYard Beekeepers Who Want Less Stress, More Honey and Better Health For Their Bees

Save your back, Save your bee’s and Boost your honey production with the World’s best Hive for everyday Backyard BeeKeepers

Beekeeping can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding hobbies you will ever undertake. But it goes without saying that the process can be challenging, hard on your body and bad for your bees, especially if the hive you use isn’t built for backyard beekeepers like you.

A lot of those problems can be solved by switching to a bee hive that not only makes it easier to harvest lots of honey without disturbing your bees, but also eliminates most of the back-breaking stress that comes with caring for the hive.

A Perfect Hive for both New and Experienced Beekeepers

The Layens Hive is a horizontal hive with a couple of key features that makes it one of the best bee hives to own, if you’re just a backyard beekeeper or if you have intentions of turning it into a full blown operation.

That's because it is the beehive built with both the bees and the everyday backyard beekeeper in mind.

It requires little maintenance, no heavy lifting and a 90% success rate for the cold winter months -- plus it gets you the most honey production while making sure their bees stay happy and healthy.

It’s perfect for the elderly and wheelchair bound individuals so they can move around and enjoy their beekeeping hobby without being limited.

  • Beekeeper’s back keeping you down? Not anymore. The layen's hive is designed to be as low maintenance as possible. No moving the hive around and no heavy lifting.
  • Allows bees to build their brood nest in such a way that they can winter over. Ensure that they survive, thrive, and are there for future generations.
  • Makes hive inspection super easy without disturbing your bees -- just open the top and check the frames. The bees will never even know you were there.
  • Maximum Honey without over-harvesting your bees - Layens hives encourage bees to drop their extra honey on the frames away from the broods nest. Take only those frames and your bees will be just fine.
  • Opening the beehive causes heat to be lost, but with the layen’s hive no heat is lost. Everything is built to preserve the optimum bee temperature inside the hive.
  • Aluminium covered top with vent holes built in - Protects the hive from the elements while letting your bees move freely in and out.

Multiply Your Colonies and Overwinter Them In Any Climate

There are lots of horizontal hives out there but the insulated layens hive is the only beehive that works well in every climate.

It is insulated to keep both the cold and heat out so your bees can grow, brood and produce honey in peace.

Used by over 1 million people all over the world, the Layens hive works wonders in all kinds of climates & backyards.

With a 90% survival rate for bees during the cold winter months -- Your bees will be protected from the cold and have enough honey to last them through the rough days.

The layens horizontal hive uses a BIOLOGICAL ADAPTATION designed to mimic the NATURAL environment that bees would find if they were living in a tree hollow.

The real secret to making this hive work is not the fact that it is a horizontal hive, but the fact that it uses a DEEP horizontal design.

This DEEP horizontal design is key to the health of your bees and making sure you can harvest the most honey while leaving enough for your bees to overwinter.

  • Used by over 1 million people all over the world in a wide variety of climates including the icy wastelands of Russian and the scalding hot desserts in North Africa. It works everywhere, there’s nothing more to add
  • Extra deep frames of 13 x 16 inches - Deeper frames means your swarm can build their broods nest all the way down, and won’t have to cross from box to box and comb to comb to get the honey. 
  • Deep horizontal design conducive for wintering over. Your bees can  winter over on one frame, staying at the top where it’s warm during the cold winter, or at the bottom where it’s cool during the hotter days.
  • Comes pre-built with 21 fully assembled frames and a divider board. - Set and forget your hive and let your bees grow.

Say Goodbye To BeeKeepers Back Once and For All

Moving heavy frames around and maintaining the hive can be a pain. A full deep box of honey can weigh up to 100 lbs and carrying it around is no picnic.

With the layens hive you set it up once and check on it as rarely or as frequently as you need to. 

No heavy lifting, no assembly, and no tearing the whole hive apart to harvest honey.

Everything is as simple as opening up the hive and taking out ONLY the frames you need.

Your healthy bees will have enough to take care of themselves.

Whatever the size of your swarm, and whatever the climate you are raising them in, the layens hive is up to the task and will make you a very very happy backyard beekeeper.

  • Top bars are built to touch each other. Easier to check on bees without cooling (or overheating) the hive.
  • 21 fully assembled prebuilt deep frames Fully built and ready to use. No need for complicated assemblies and craftsmanship.
  • Double wall plywood construction that’s durable and strong - Superior hive construction that’ll last for years to come. You’ll never need another horizontal hive again.
  • Self sufficient and virtually maintenance free. Check on your hive as much or as little as you want.
  • Almost 2 inches of natural wool insulation, that is 10x times the insulation of conventional langstroth hives - Get 10x more protection for you bees. Natural wool insulation mimics a tree better than rigid foam insulations.

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Frequently Asked Customer Questions

QUS - I’ve never heard of a Layens Hive before, how do I extract the honey?

ANS - You can buy a layens extractor (a bit pricey), but for home beekeepers the easiest solution would be to use a hot knife, uncap the honey and let the honey drain into a container.

QUS - Why is a horizontal hive better than a vertical one?

ANS - Studies and research have shown that bees prefer a longer comb as it gives them (especially the winter cluster) more room to move when it’s cold out.

QUS - Horizontal hives take up more space, won’t I be better off with more smaller langstroth hives?

ANS - While layens hives take up more space initially, they are far easier for you to maintain and easier on your bees. Beekeepers report opening their hives only when necessary - sometimes just once a year.

QUS - Is the Layens hive suitable for elderly and physically challenged people?

ANS - Yes, since the layens hive is designed to be stationary, easy to use and with minimal heavy lifting, it is perfect for elderly or physically challenged people who want to enjoy the bliss of backyard beekeeping.

For full details on hive management read de Layens book “keeping bees in horizontal hives” can be found at [LINK]