Lazutin Hive

What do you know about Lazutin hive?

There is no point in denying the fact that beekeeping is a thriving business. People who wanted to do farming often opt for bee farming because in the world market there is a huge demand for honey and bee wax. People nowadays are much more health conscious and that is the reason they use honey with cereals, and even in the confectioneries. Honey is a natural sweetener and has many more essential nutrients. Honey has medicinal importance as well; specially for cold and cough. Due to its moisturizing quality honey is used in different skin care and makeup product. The authentic bee wax is equally important in the market. So getting into beekeeping is really lucrative.

Idea about Lazutin hive

It is a Russian bee hive and it is require when the climate is colder and the nectar collecting season is short. Usually, you need to set up when the spring arrives, in case of Lazutin the spring season starts from March. The idea of such hive was invented by Fedor Lazutin and he experimented with back bees. Bees build hive that has numerous colony and the size of the colony depends on the season and vegetation of a particular place.

In some cases Lazutin hive has 15, 000 to 80, 000 bees. The peak season the hive in the summer month like June and first week of July. If the beekeeper keen on maintain the local strain of the bees then, the farm will be benefitted.

Thing you need for Lazutin hive

The Lazutin hive is the most widely know hive culture in the world; because it is easy to build. You will truly enjoy beekeeping you get the necessary things. The bee hive is horizontal and this is the reason it is easy to culture as it does not need good intrusive technique. You need to take one step at a time, one Lazutin can provide 16 lbs honey. You can install 6 to 7 frames easily for the farming. The frame is appropriately made so that bees can build their hive horizontally. This is the reason the bottom and top side of the wall is connected with a tongue.

The frame has roof and you may paint the frame with your favorite color. The bee hive is place on the metal stand and the bees enter into the frame through several holes on the frame. The frames are made in a ways so that there is a gap of 7 to 8 inches from the wall. You need to bring long lasting frame. The objective of the frame is to provide an ideal habitat so that the bees can produce honey and wax.

Why Lazutin is profitable way of beekeeping?

Fedor Lazutin was an experienced beekeeper and invented the most natural way of bee farming. In this way the bees are free and build their own colony and repair it as per their way. The farmer does not even have to feed or treat them with pesticides; it is an age-old process of beekeeping. The farmer only need to maintain a favorable environment to run the farm.