Warre Hive

All you need to know about Warre Hive

Warre (Pronounced War-Ray) hive is one of the commonest bee hives that is used by the beekeepers. The Warre hive is the vertical top bar hive which uses bar rather than frames. The wooden wedge or the guides on which the bees build their comb on their own, exactly the way they bid their hive naturally in the nature.

Renowned French monk, Abbe Emile Warre, the person whom the Warre Hive is named after. He has studied over thousands of bee hive styles which has helped him to learn the most ideal hive for bees which is the Warre Hive. The primary reason behind why the Warre Hive is preferred over the other style of hives is because of its easy management, simple style, which is a perfect replica of the honeybee’s natural environment.

This type of bee hive is stacked vertically which helps in retaining the hive’s natural heat as well as scent.

What are the benefits of using Warre Hive?

There are numerous advantages of using Warre Hive. It is the idea choice of hive for the people who wants a low maintenance, and low cost bee hive. When you are using the Warre Hive, there is no need of frequently inspecting the colonies, or using a chemical-laden foundation, or using an expensive honey extractor.

One can easily manage a Warre Hive by adding extra boxes right under the stack which is known as nadiring. It helps in assisting in regular harvesting of the comb. It also prevents reuse of the old comb which helps in preventing accumulation of agricultural, and environmental toxins and chemicals.

In short, it is the ideal choice for the people who want to keep a natural hive, and a chemical-free beekeeping.

A few advantages of using the Warre Hives

    • There are numerous advantages that one could acquire using the Warre Hive such as:
    • Lighter Boxes
    • Best choice for the hands-off beekeepers
    • Optional windows
    • Easily manageable using the comb rather than the box
    • Foundationless

The root of Warre Hives

Abbe Emile Warre built up the Warre hive after more than 50 years of research, coming full circle in what he got a kick out of the chance to call "The People's Hive" in the mid-1950s. He concentrated more than 300 hive plans, going from straw skeps to the cutting edge Langstroth hive, breaking down their usability and appropriateness for bumble bees. He concentrated on straightforwardness, simplicity of the board, and regular characteristics including the structure of normal brush and the maintenance of home fragrance and warmth.

Warre disapproved of the intrusive, dull micromanagement of individual edges and brushes as rehearsed by most beekeepers in his day. He thought that it was ideal for honey bees and attendant that to control the hive box by box just two or three times each year, as opposed to brush by brush each couple weeks.

So, if you are looking forward to using an easy to maintain hive, then the Warre hive is an ideal choice for you.